StrategyMarch 27, 2024

Why we collaborate with Agencies

In the busy world of ecommerce, synergy between Agencies and specialised studios can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Graftstudio has always been best positioned to work with both clients directly, and with Agencies offering white-label Shopify development services. This not only benefits us but enhances and strengthens capabilities and offerings of our agency partners and as they say, Collaboration lies at the heart of innovation.

The Power of Collaboration

By working hand in hand with agencies, we're able to leverage their industry insights, client relationships and project management expertise. This partnership allows us to connect with a broader range of projects while keeping our focus on ensuring a high standard of Shopify development work. It allows us to amplify our strengths and mitigate our weaknesses.

Seamless Integration

A huge advantage to collaborating with Agencies is we can integrate seamlessly into their existing workflows. Agencies often act as a bridge between clients and specialised providers like us, by entrusting us with Shopify development tasks, agencies can streamline their operations, allocate resources more efficiently and maintain a cohesive experience for their clients.

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

Things move fast in the world of ecommerce. When one flash sale finishes, another one is already being planned and thus, a Shopify theme is never really 'finished'.

Partnering with specialised providers such as Graftstudio for our Shopify development services means Agencies are better positioned to handle the constant influx of client requests and can adapt quickly.


Graftstudio started out as a one-man band, and we quickly realised the benefits of remaining small and nimble. We identified certain pitfalls Agencies go through as they scale upwards and felt we we were better placed to collaborate, instead of competing with them. This way we can extend our reach, elevate both our own standards, the Agency's and Shopify development services in our industry.

If you're an agency looking to supercharge your Shopify offerings, reach out!

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